Shot Hurd Round the World

Photo by: jdlasica

The following update was just posted by @BreakingNews on Twitter:

Update: Former HP CEO Mark Hurd, ousted from company in expenses flap, joins Oracle as co-president – NY Times

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison lambasted HP’s board at the time of HP’s departure via an e-mail to The New York Times, which claimed they had made “the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago.”  Mr. Ellison has now done the unexpected by bringing Hurd on board.  Should it work out, Ellison will appear the genius, but if this goes south, he’ll have some crow to eat.  More importantly, Oracle employees should begin brushing up their resumes and begin prepping for interviews immediately as Hurd was rewarded with  $24M in pay last year while laying off 6,400 HP employees. Source:

4 Steps to Buying a Farm – via Guy Kawasaki’s Holy Kaw!

This is both absolutely maddening and wonderfully exciting.  Before reading further, please give this a watch to see what I mean.

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