Genetically Modified Salmon – On Its Way To a Stream Near You!

Photo by: FotoosVanRobin

Who dares question the industrial food system over GM salmon? | Dan Kennedy | Comment is free |

The following is an excerpt from Dan Kennedy’s article:

According to a report in the New York Times, FDA scientists found that the altered fish, developed by AquaBounty Technologies, based in the Boston area, were unlikely to escape into the environment and cross-breed with native schools of Atlantic salmon. The agency also found that even though the genetically altered salmon carry elevated levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), a suspected carcinogen, those levels are so minute that they pose no health risk.”

FDA Approves Genetically Modified (GM) Salmon

So, they’re not saying it wouldn’t be bad for these fish to get into the wild.  They’re just saying that it would be unlikely for it to happen. What could go wrong?  Well, I guess we could get a repeat of the flooding that started the Asian carp issues we now have.  Aside from the unusual, but not unlikely event of two bodies of water being temporarily joined together in an unintended way, there’s nothing else that could cause this to happen. Unless you believe the wholly preposterous notion that a fish farm employee might decide that it would be pretty sweet if these monsters were available in the river where they like to fish.  Inconceivable!  Eggs could be unintentionally distributed in streams. (And on, and on…) Or maybe I just watched Jurassic Park one too many times.  It’s your call.

Ignoring the possible carcinogen for a moment, we’re talking about the great unknown of Gene Modification.  Making something grow at an incredibly unnatural rate may prove completely harmless for those who eat these products, but we can’t really say that with any certainty yet.  It’s admittedly a bit forced (I’m no scientist.), but Anabolic Steroids make for a roughly hewn comparison for illustrative purposes.  I’m guessing Lyle Alzado would tell you he had no understanding of the true dangers of the drugs when he began taking them.  These days, people have plenty of information available should they consider the use of steroids (I sure wouldn’t!), but GM foods have not been around long enough for us to know if there are long-term impacts.  Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to put them out there for consumption.

What am I trying to say?  Be mindful of what you are eating.  You ought to know and trust your purveyor of seafood and have an understanding of what you consume and the potential dangers inherent with them.  Sadly, what was one our healthiest food choices now often isn’t due to the potential dangers we have presented in their environments.


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