Finally, Some Good News

Photo by: Davide Simonetti

Christine Ottery & George Monbiot share a little love for those who are trying to make things right:

Faced with the mind-numbing bad news about the environment over recent months, a couple of us at the Guardian decided to try to cheer ourselves up by finding examples of the right kind of environmental change. We set out to find 50 green pioneers, people who are making a practical difference but whose work is not yet widely known. Continue reading

Climate Deniers: What Say You to This?

While the Aral Sea’s disappearing act may not link directly to global climate change, it presents the undeniable facts of the detrimental works of man on a massive regional scale.  It also raises serious questions about ethical appropriation of resources.  The central planners of the former Soviet Union robber Peter to pay Paul by diverting the Aral Sea’s water sources for farming uses, thereby destroying the local ecosystem and the lives of thousands of residents.  Feel free to pile on with the comments if you disagree. Continue reading