The Killa From Wasilla?

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That Dog Don’t Hunt|Malia Litman’s Blog

I came across an interesting story this morning that I had to pass along.  I can’t attest to its veracity, but think it bears repeating so that those who can might.  The author’s decision to use the words of Levi Johnston certainly lowered my expectation that it will be proven true.  The passage below is from Malia Litman’s Blog.  Litman, author of  “Rebuttal to the Rogue,” claims to have found evidence that Palin is lying about her hunting exploits.  Either that, or the “Killa From Wasilla” is just hunting out of season and without a license.  Either way, should the claims prove true (I sure hope they do!), it will be time to close the book on the Looney Tunes chapter of American politics.

Check out the passage from Malia’s post and please post links to any information you think may help prove or falsify these claims.

“Here are the facts that I have been able to document from my home in Dallas, Texas, with the use of my computer and telephone.  The most important information, regarding the lack of a hunting license came directly from a representative of the Alaska Fish and Game Department.

1.  On Saturday, Aug. 28th Sarah Palin was with Glenn Beck at the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C.

2.  On Saturday, Aug. 28th the Alaska Fish and Game Department announced that it would close the Fortymile caribou herd hunt after a single day. The reason for the decision to close the hunt after one day was that last year in just three days, hunters killed 870 caribou.  Given the declining numbers of caribou, the Alaskan Fish and Game Department announced that hunting of caribou would cease at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 29th.

3.  The distance between Washington D.C. and Anchorage Alaska is 3369 miles. Even a direct flight, with no delays would take 7 hours and 30 minutes.  It seems reasonable to presume that Sarah Palin didn’t travel from Washington D.C. on Sunday Aug. 29th for 7 and one-half hours, drive to Wasilla, and then go caribou hunting in what was left of her day on Sunday.  If she hunted after that day, it would have been in violation of the prohibitions enacted by the Alaska Fish and Game Department.  What we do know is thatshe gave an interview to Fox “News” the evening of Aug. 31, 2010 wearing a pink suit.  There was no indication from that interview that she had been out hunting or that she had encountered any difficulty removing any caribou blood from her hands, face, or body.

4.  According to the Alaska Fish and Game Department, as of September 16, 2010 there was no record of a hunting license for Sarah Palin.

5.  Upon further inquiry I was advised by the person employed with the Alaska Fish and Game Department that Sarah Palin had not held a license for 2008 or 2009.

6.  Because the Alaska Fish and Game Department is committed to protecting animals that might be hunted in the state, the number of hunters allowed to hunt during the designated season (even if it is only one day long) is limited.  Because there are often many more hunters than animals, the Fish and Game Department holds a lottery to determine which hunters will be allowed to hunt.  This lottery is held in November and December of the year prior to the August season in which the hunters are allowed to hunt.  Thus the lottery to determine which hunters would be allowed to hunt in August of 2010 would have been determined by lottery at the end of 2009.

7.  In order to be registered for the lottery, a hunter would be required to have a license to hunt in Alaska.  Thus, because Sarah Palin did not have a license to hunt in 2009, she could not have participated in the lottery, and thus would not have been allowed to hunt caribou at any time during 2010.

8.  In searching the internet for the pictures of Sarah Palin hunting, the only pictures I can find are pictures of Palin with dead animals, but she is not holding a gun or knife and there is no blood on her hands.

Only two possibilities exist.  Either Palin lied in Kansas when she said she had been hunting caribou in Alaska and had blood under her fingernails, or Palin hunted in violation of Alaska law, and without a license.  In either case, Palin is dishonest.”


Thanks for reading!


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