Clinton Global Initiative 2010 – Day 1 is in the Books

Clinton Global Initiative | 2010 Annual Meeting Webcast |

Photo by: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

The Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meetings are in full swing! Bill Clinton started this organization in 2005, “to help our world move beyond the current state of globalization to a more integrated global community of shared benefits, responsibilities, and values.”

The Clinton Global Initiative focuses on the following four areas:

  • Global Health
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Energy & Climate Change
  • Education

The CGI is a great organization which brings together global thought leaders to discuss the worlds most pressing issues.  Check out the links below to continue the journey of informed citizenship.

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A brief video on CGI from one of my favorite writers, Nick Kristof.

Recordings from Day 1 (9/21/10) are available here

I highly recommend the three sessions which I have already viewed:

Empowering Girls and WomenSpecial Session: Peace and Beyond in the Middle EastSpecial Session: Profiting from the Poor? A Discussion on Microfinance IPOs

Live streaming will be  available for the two remaining days of the conference:

Recorded sessions from last year’s conference are available here

Twitter users can plug in by searching the following hashtags: #cgi10 & #cgi2010

Students can get involved through CGIU:

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