Michele Bachmann (Video): “CO2 Is A Natural Byproduct of Nature!”

Why believe 98% of publishing climate scientists, when Captain Cuckoo Bananas has the real scoop on carbon dioxide?

Toxicity and its effects increase with the concentration of CO2, here given in volume percent of CO2 in the air: (via Wikipedia)

  • 1% can cause drowsiness with prolonged exposure.[5]
  • At 2% it is mildly narcotic and causes increased blood pressure and pulse rate, and causes reduced hearing.[53]
  • At about 5% it causes stimulation of the respiratory center, dizziness, confusion and difficulty in breathing accompanied by headache and shortness of breath.[53] Panic attacks may also occur at this concentration.[55][56]
  • At about 8% it causes headache, sweating, dim vision, tremor and loss of consciousness after exposure for between five and ten minutes.[53]

Here’s a diagram of the carbon cycle.  In it you’ll notice several forces which act to balance the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, or rather these forces did do this until we started pumping more there through the burning of fossil fuels.  Now, instead of having a relatively steady amount of carbon, the atmosphere is experiencing the steady accumulation of it.  Not too good for you and I. (Click on the image below for a larger version.)

Image by: climatesafety

Top atmospheric scientists, like NASA’s James Hansen, believe we need to keep this atmospheric carbon at or below 350 parts per million.  Unfortunately, we raced past that figure twenty years ago.  The chart below, known as the “Keeling Curve” for its originator, plots the steady advance of atmospheric carbon in the modern era.

Image by: Wikimedia Commons

Additional carbon in the air leads to higher average temperatures by trapping heat in the atmosphere that would otherwise radiate out.   For every one degree of temperature added, we get an extra 4-5% of moisture in the air.  This contributes to more severe flooding as recently experienced in Pakistan, Brazil & Australia.


Image by: IRIN Photos


Image by: Andrew Ciscel


Image by: David Jackmanson

Additional moisture in the air also increases the likelihood, and potential intensity, of snowstorms.

Photo by: Chris Oestereich

Yep.  Nothing to see here…

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