Infographic: Sleep is Awesome!

As one who learned the hard way that work hard, play hard, sleep occasionally catches up to you with a vengeance, I am always up for the opportunity to share info on the perils of sleep deprivation.  And when the opportunity comes in the pret-a-manger format of the beloved infographic, all the better.

I recommend paying particular attention to the following points:

  • Obesity – Not that surprising, but the impact is greater than I would have expected
  • Risk of Death – Unless that’s appealing to you.
  • Empathy – About as important as it gets in today’s business world and life in general.
  • Too Sleepy for Sex – Do I have to say it?

Infographic via

The full article is available here.


3 thoughts on “Infographic: Sleep is Awesome!

  1. I am so buying the ZEO! I have recently read the 4 Hour Body and Started my blog The Fat Yogi and have lost 27! I have before and after (actually during) on my blog. I have about 50 pounds to go! The sleep ZEO is a must buy!

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