A Few More Reasons for Walkable Cities (Infographics, Yay!)

Here’s another vote for walkable cities.  Beyond the obvious health benefits, the following infographic, from the folks at National Building Museum, makes a compelling argument for the positive financial impact, to a local economy, of not buying so many cars.   No, you aren’t likely to pocket all the savings, but they are much more likely to recycle through your community.

Image By: National Building Museum

Click on the image above for the full article.

And, oh but the way, we lose 1.2 million people per year to car accidents, and many, many more are injured each year, per this Treehugger.com infographic.

Click on the image above for the related article.

If you’re not yet positioned to kick a car to the curb, you might try getting permission to telecommute part of the time.  The graphic below shows the potential benefits cited by a Carbon Disclosure Network study which “explores the business opportunities for companies that make product and service choices that accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.” Download the full report here.

Image by: The Carbon Disclosure Project

One thought on “A Few More Reasons for Walkable Cities (Infographics, Yay!)

  1. Walkable cities? What they are? In Europe every city or town are walkable. Is it sure that non walkable cities exist?

    The real problem is that some people have or want to live on countryside and their works are situated “far away”. On countryside there are better living conditions for children. Is it good thing to give one’s children the best? People who are living on countryside know the nature, animals, have gardens have fresh air, they can ski easily, to hike in the nature, they can enjoy birds’ song in mornings in garden, see how birds build nests, they can bike safely, they can easily to have domestic animals which help against allergies, play football, go to swimming nearby lakes or rivers, riding is easy etc. In addition to all this on countryside houses are bigger than in cities. Children have better rooms, more living space. Generally speaking healthy lifestyles are easy to arrange on countryside than in cities. Are all these things bad? People living on countryside need cars.

    Part time or distant work by communications are not always possible. Let’s take me as an example when I was working. How should it have been possible to me to work far away from airport? Mission impossible! I am sure that there are thousand similar examples.

    When driving to my work I watched the amount of cars driving against me and of course they saw my car and my fellow cars in the same way. Then I imagined with humor that there is one solution to reduce this problem: let us change our works or our homes. Doing this way no traffic jams, because then there should no need to drive against each others. 🙂

    I agree that walkable cities are great invention, but they exist already. Every coin has two faces. Living on countryside and having long work travel by car or to live in cites which is better? People need cars that is the fact. Walkable cities might be solution in some countries if they help to save lives and to reduce costs. When talking about costs one has to remember that when buying for example cars, we pay taxes. Taxes help us in our society for better living. Is better life level so bad thing?

    I think that these are not so easy things. One say this, other say that. Who is right, who is wrong? These things can be seen from many angles. Some things are good for one, some are not. When showing statistics it is so easy to present things which seem to be good, but there is much more in our life which cannot be seen in statistics. That is our own life and making selections for personal reasons. I think that people have the right to make their own decisions.

    Thank You for this very interesting post!

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