Here Be Dragons! (Donald Trump vs. the World)

I’d heard of Donald Trump’s potential presidential bid, but had chalked it up to self-aggrandizement.  I caught part of his interview with Piers Morgan this morning where he fanned the flames of xenophobia, while making it seem that he is seriously considering running.  Here is  a snippet of that discussion:

TRUMP: I love this country. I hate what’s happened to this country. We’re a laughingstock throughout the world. We’re not respected. When you look at what’s happening in various places that we’ve always supported and, frankly that we got along with the other places that are collapsing. You don’t see the other places collapsing.

A lot of that is a lack of respect for our country, Piers. And you know how I feel. You know very much how I feel. We just don’t have it anymore as a country. You look at what China is doing to us. How they’re just ripping us left and right. They’re taking our jobs. We’re rebuilding China.

Worse than China is OPEC. They wouldn’t be there except for us. Twelve men sit around the table. They set the price of fuel. They set the price of $3.50 for your car right now, a gallon. Guess what? That’s going to be $5, $6 and $7 very soon. Of course, there’s nobody here that calls them and says, fellas, you better not do it.

MORGAN: You see them as the enemy, don’t you, Donald?

TRUMP: I see them as the enemy.

MORGAN: See, can I take you —

TRUMP: And they — by the way, they know, they know they’re the enemy. They are the enemy. They say they’re the enemy.

MORGAN: Yes, but they’re not an enemy in the sense that they don’t want to kill you, right? They want to kill you in business.

TRUMP: They want to take over this country economically.

MORGAN: But that’s different to wanting to kill you like an al Qaeda or something.

TRUMP: Well —

MORGAN: When you I hear you say, enemy —

TRUMP: It’s very bad.

MORGAN: But you know — before we go to a break, let me just put one thing to you. In business, you can be ruthless. I’ve seen it and you’re successful because of it. You kill competitors, don’t you? Aren’t the Chinese just behaving like Donald Trump? And don’t we just need more people like you to compete with them?

TRUMP: You need to have people that know how to deal with the Chinese. And we don’t have those people. The president of China comes in, we give him a five-star dinner at the White House.

A little further in the discussion:

I don’t give my people that are not fair to me five-star dinners. I wouldn’t have given him a five — I would have said come to my office, let’s talk. And if we don’t work out a deal we send him to McDonald’s and send him back.

The other thing I’d do is I’d get our best business leaders. I wouldn’t use the diplomats. I’d use the killers on Wall Street of which I know every one of them. I would put this one in charge of negotiating with China. I’d put this one in charge of negotiating with India. We would do very well. We have the greatest business people in the world but we’re not using them.

I’m truly frightened.  Trump wants to bring more of Wall Street’s “killers” into the White House.  Anyone else get a chill at the thought?

Sadly, this line of thinking should play well with those who see no problems with the map below, which I found on the Daily Kos site.


Here Be Dragons!


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