Can’t Pay Your Rent? Samsung Finds That Humorous

Check out this recent tweet from @SamsungCameraUS:

Clearly this was an attempt at clever irreverence, but at a time of high unemployment and muted expectations for future earnings, this seem a highly questionable maneuver.  This post was promoted on Hootsuite, making it visible to all of the service’s users who logged in this afternoon. (Second order question: If the tweet is deemed unsavory, is Hootsuite culpable?)

I had no background on Samsung’s CSR position, so I did a quick web search and found they have a CSR web page, with the following graphic:

I like what they show here, so I’m guessing the internal CSR team was not aware of this post and that a speedy retraction is on the way.  I see this as further evidence for the need of an integrated approach to CSR.

Please share your thoughts below.  I’d love to hear if you think I’m off the mark.


3 thoughts on “Can’t Pay Your Rent? Samsung Finds That Humorous

  1. It was a weird tweet, to be sure. But I’m not sure it was even *clear* enough for it to be truly insensitive.

    As for CSR… well, I take those 3 letters pretty literally. Is it the case that resisting making jokes like that is part of a company’s Social Responsibility? I’m not sure that the irreverence there is sufficiently disrespectful of anyone’s economic circumstances to be worrisome.

  2. Professor MacDonald,
    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I do look at CSR pretty broadly and tend to include the question of whether something is appropriate conduct with that lens. In looking at things in more literal terms, I guess we’d need to create a field of corporate social morality (CSM), although I doubt there would be a rush to join that offering… 🙂
    As for the tweet, I can see two interpretations which seem most likely:
    1. You haven’t yet paid your rent, but you do have enough money. Why not buy a camera and somehow the rent thing will work out okay.
    2. You haven’t paid rent yet because you don’t have enough money. Might as well buy a camera since you don’t have enough for the rent.
    It could be interpreted in other ways, but I thought these the least contrived options. I went after option 2 in this post, but find option 1 to be no less unseemly.
    Thanks again for stopping by!

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