Soil Matters: The Broad Case for Conservation Tillage

Image by: chesbayprogram

I finished up my latest term paper last week.  It ended up being significantly different from what I had originally intended, but I’m happy with the end point the research led me to.  I’ve reproduced the intro below and you can download a PDF version of the full paper.  Please chime in with your thoughts in the comments section.  I’m passionate about this topic and would love to learn more about it from you.


I like food. No. I love food.  I spent the first three and a half decades of my life having little understanding of the energy needs fulfilled by food and the resources dedicated to its production.  Food was something to be enjoyed and its effects on the environment, not to mention my body, were ancillary concerns. I was ignorant to the impacts of our food systems partially due to systems which are designed for that effect, but more so due to my own failings.  From a climate change perspective this allowed me to make highly destructive, guilt-free, food selections.  I enjoyed fruits and vegetables, but often overlooked them when filling protein and carbohydrate loaded choices were available.  I consumed more calories than my body required and chose foods which typically had greater far greater environmental impacts that necessary.  I knew not the folly of my ways.  I know better now, so consider this my Mea Culpa.  Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for me to make amends.

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