President Obama, Superman is on Line 1

Here I Come to Save the Day!

(Damn right that’s an Andy Kauffman reference!)

The Keystone XL pipeline protests roared through Day 4 with Margot Kidder, of Superman fame, leading the way.

I got in one of my better potshots in a while upon hearing of the actress’ participation with the following tweet:

The Tyranny of Oil

A few of the protesters carried this banner to remind the president of his prior commitments.

Image by: joshkahnrussell

Thanks go out to Josh Kahn Russell, one of the event’s organizers, for sharing the preceding photos.  If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the protests, you could do a lot worse than following his updates on Twitter:!/joshkahnrussell

The Problem With the Pipeline

Elizabeth Kolbert, author of “Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change“, wrote an excellent piece for The New Yorker titled “The Problem With The Pipeline,” which called out a few of the major concerns about the pipeline including the following.

“The pipeline would pass through Nebraska’s Ogallala aquifer, which provides more than seventy per cent of the state’s drinking water and more than eighty per cent of the water used for irrigation…  Several scientists have warned that expanding the use of tar sands and other so-called unconventional fuels would negate any other actions the world might take to reduce climate change.”


4 days of protests.

200+ acts of civil disobedience resulting in arrests.

No trouble reported.

Pretty damn good protest thus far.  All, please keep up the fine work!  Those of us playing the home game greatly appreciate it.

Mighty Mouse

What the heck, here’s the Andy Kauffman bit referenced at the top for those in need of a lift.

Warning: You need to be more than a little off kilter to enjoy this.

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