Picked with Love (By a 3-year old)


Post-A-Day Challenge – Day 2

There’s something special about going into the garden to select ingredients for breakfast.  Adding small children to the effort takes it up a notch.  Due to our gardening efforts, our boys already have a different outlook on food then we did growing up.

I used to think that food magically appeared on grocery shelves.  They know that it takes time for a plant to grow and bear fruit.  I used to think carrying the groceries into the house was working for your food.  They know that you have to care for your plants over an entire season to earn your food.  I used to think a shiny, waxy apple was fresh.  They know that food tastes better when you pick it right before you eat it.  I used to think the reddest, roundest, firmest tomato in the grocery store was the apex of culinary delights.  They know I was sadly mistaken.  I used to think food scraps were trash.  They know that was wasteful.  I used to think tilling the soil was necessary for optimal growth.  They know I was misinformed and that disrupting our garden’s ecosystem with tillage and chemicals is bad for its long-term health.

The children our great reasons for hope.  Where we got it all wrong, maybe they’ll get most of it right.  If only we can show them the error in our ways.


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