Fear the #OccupyWallStreet Hydra

The plan to evict the #occupywallstreet protesters was dropped this morning as thousands of people arrived to bolster the crowd.  My guess is that those who oppose the movement will bide their time and look to sneak back in for their dirty work later.  When they do, I doubt they’ll have the desired effect.  Had they dispersed the crowds in the first week, there would have been much hand wringing, but that might have been the end of it.  I expect that’s no longer the case.  Should they evict the crowds from Zucotti Park now, they’ll just reassemble elsewhere.  Maybe they’d occupy Central Park next.  Plenty of room there…  What I think those who would oppose the protesters realized, is that the protest has become a hydra.  Should they decide to cut off one metaphorical head, the result will be that three more pop up.

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