My Country Tis of Thee?

I received an interesting survey from the office of Congressman Todd Akin today.  I’m pretty stunned by what now passes as discourse although I probably shouldn’t be given the current state of governance.  Take a look and tell me if you think I’m wrong.  As for me, I’m fully expecting next year’s survey to have the “right” answers pre-filled or new questions akin to, “Would you rather have a hole in your head or a whole lot of money?”

Question 1:

What steps should Congress take to improve and reduce unemployment?

  1. Spend more taxpayer money in another “stimulus” bill.  (Yes/No)
  2. Empower the private sector by cutting taxes and reducing government spending. (Yes/No) Continue reading

Andy Hoffman’s Climate Change Consensus

Andy Hoffman (Twitter: @HoffmanAndy), Director of the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute, cranked out the following barrage of tweets earlier today.  Professor Hoffman’s posts were aimed squarely at the fading legion of climate deniers.  I’m guessing there’ll be no reply.

Naomi Klein’s Thought Bubble

Naomi Klein takes on the Keystone XL pipeline and suggests we should demand better.

The Smart Bubble Society, a not-for-profit motion graphic studio that “promotes social justice, self-education and critical awareness,” created this video.  Check out their work at

Lunch on a Budget

Having coffee at the end of a bike ride this afternoon, I overheard the following exchange between an older gentlemen and a cashier:

Image by: kayaker1204

McChicken and a McDouble today sir?

No. Just the McDouble today.

$1 and 8 cents, sir.

I can’t claim to know the motivations of the customer (Maybe this is the food he prefers and money doesn’t play into the decision.) but my intuition screams that I just witnessed a microcosm of the growing poverty in America.  So I have to ask, are these the kinds of choices you want to make in the future?  And, are you okay with people being forced to live this way?  The train is on the wrong track and those in position to change direction are instead throwing more fuel on the fire.  It’s time to reassess what’s important and start demanding better.  We need to get after it now, before it’s to late.

The clock is ticking.