Join The Hulk – Declare War On Climate Change Now!

You don’t want to make him angry! (flickr/*Dirk)

Wait a minute.  Not that Hulk, this Hulk.


Mark Ruffalo, The Hulk in last summer’s “The Avengers,” just kicked off a White House petition to declare war on climate change. If you consider yourself a climate hawk, you better get over there quickly.

If you find yourself reeling from the failed attempt to commission a Death Star, this is your chance to get right back on the horse. We need twenty-five thousand signatures to force a response. Let’s make it happen.

Please, click on this link and go add your name to the petition now!  (Then pass this along to your friends.)

If you need a little more convincing, here’s the full text of the petition.


Declare War On Climate Change. We demand President Obama and Congress accept Climate Change as an enemy of the people.

We, the people, demand the President of the United States and it’s legislative body recognize Climate Change as great and Grave a threat to this nation as they would any other aggressive enemy. We demand that the President and Congress act against Climate Change as they have acted against Saddam Hus(s)ein, Bin Laden, and Hitler for that matter. We demand a National Energy Policy that quickly begins to ween us off of Carbon Based fuels and expedites the inevitable and necessary transition to Clean Energy. We demand that our leaders act on the recommendations coming from an overwhelming majority of the scientific community to halt Climate Change and save the lives of untold millions.

Created: Jan 13, 2013