Climate Climacteric

Climacteric: a major turning point or critical stage

A window has opened in which we can begin to work towards mitigating climate change.  We’ve seen such opportunities squandered before and must make hay before this one closes.  Recent studies have found that the most extreme climate predictions are proving to be the most accurate. We have you turn this opp opportunity into sustained action.  Bill McKibben, author, activist and co-founder of, is leading a series of talks on climate change called “Do the Math.”  They’re currently touring the Pac Northwest and will soon be traversing the country.  I urge you to check it out so that you can Do the Math for yourself.


Send Thanks to the Tar Sands Protesters

I’ve been stewing all weekend.  I’m not able to join my fellow climate hawks in Washington D.C. for this week’s Keystone XL pipeline protests.  I want to help out, but the main thing that’s needed is more people to participate in the ongoing acts of civil disobedience.  Since I can’t be there, I’ve been thinking about what I could do to help out from a distance.  I finally hit on it tonight.  I’m turning tonight’s post into a Thank You card for the protesters.  They are sticking their necks out for the rest of us.  The least we can do is say thanks.  Please join me in thanking the protesters for their bravery, and leadership, on this critical issue.  I’ll then forward this on to those who are there.  (Update: I apparently wasn’t clear with my request.  I’m asking that you share your thoughts for the protesters in the comments section below. Thanks!) Continue reading

This Is What A Hero Looks Like

Image by: tarsandsaction

(The above pic comes from the tarsandsaction Flickr feed which is being constantly updated with the day’s events.) Continue reading

Franke James » What Can One Person Do, When 6.8 Billion Are Frying The Planet?

Franke James asks the question, What Can One Person Do, When 6.8 Billion Are Frying The Planet?”

What is the answer you ask?  For Franke, the answer was to put together an amazing set of graphics to educate and inspire.  I have included the first few drawings below and a link at the end to go see the rest.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Many thanks to the good people at for sharing this on their facebook page!
Thanks for reading!



Check out the rest of the series at Franke James’ site

For those who don’t make the jump, check out this checklist from Franke’s site:

How can YOU take action? What’s YOUR plan?

1. DOES YOUR CITY HAVE A PLAN? Use Google to find out if your region has aMitigation and Adaptation Plan for climate change, like Toronto and New Yorkhave. (And if they don’t, then press your local politicians to develop one!)

2. MAKE YOUR OWN PLAN. Develop your own personal Mitigation and Adaptation Plan. There are many actions each of us can take to protect ourselves and our property from floods, heat waves, power shortages, water shortages… etc. See the Resources below for ideas such as this one from the Institute for Catastrophic Loss ReductionHandbook for Reducing Basement Flooding.

3. TAP INTO ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORKS: Get the ball rolling by participating in environmental action, or financially supporting, these environmental organizations and others: