Are you ready to “Embrace the shake?”

Phil Hansen

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Hansen (@Philinthecircle) at the recent Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego.  Phil is an artist who had to overcome, well, I should probably leave the story to him.  I’ll just say that I was inspired by his talk, and that I think you’ll come away from watching this with a new  perspective on limits.

Enjoy. (I sure did.)

I’m proud to post this on Father’s Day as my pop (and mom) taught me to believe I could do whatever I wanted in life.  There was a time I lost sight of that, but since I’ve renewed that belief (in no small part due to the support of my wife) my life has been on a different trajectory where possibility abounds.  I encourage you to cultivate the same outlook.  To paraphrase John Marshall Roberts (another incredible speaker at the Sustainable Brands conference), you have to remove your own inner barriers to change.

Want In On A Good Comeuppance?

Longtime DP readers (Hi mom!) will be familiar with the work of Franke James as I have featured it here on multiple occasions.  Here are a few examples.  Franke, a renowned artist and author of “Bothered by My Green Conscience,” has a bone to pick with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Here’s the story:

Problem: Canada’s Harper Government has blacklisted Franke James for speaking up for the environment and against dirty oil.

Franke’s European art show lost a major corporate sponsor due to government interference. She got turned down by Canadian Embassies abroad. On July 30th the show was cancelled. But Franke won’t be silenced. She sees that she is part of a growing club — “The Harper Blacklisted Club” filled with artists and scientists who want to tell the truth about the environment. We need to send a message to the Government of Canada now. Stop blacklisting Franke James — and stop silencing all environmental artists and scientists! Free speech is a basic right of a democratic country.

So here’s the fun part promised in the title.  Deprived of the opportunity to share her are in Europe, Franke is now looking to take it to her capital in Ottawa.  She’s using crowd funding to put together a  package of billboards and posters which will inform the city’s residents of the issue.  Want to learn more and get in on the action? (I did.) Click here to go to Franke’s crowd funding page.

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