Behold the Warming Planet Crescendo

Ensia, the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment’s (IonE) fairly new online magazine has fast become one of my favorite sources for information and inspiration. The latest post is no disappointment as it shares a song which was written using climate data. Check out the video and realize that the climate is continuing to trend towards the slasher flick range of the musical spectrum. Serious stuff.

The accompanying post is available here.

President Obama throws down the climate change gauntlet

Re-sharing a clip from President Obama’s Inaugural Speech via Peter Sinclair’s blog.

Now that the madness of election season is over,  maybe we can finally get down to the business of mitigation and adaptation.  Maybe.

Declare War On Climate Change. Now.

I found another White House petition that’s worthy of our support. This time around there’s a chance we could get America to declare war on a real threat, climate change.  It’s almost a quarter of the way in just a week.  Should be easy pickings.

Please take a moment to head over there and help require a response.

No lollygagging.