CSR, It’s Not Just Marketing

I’ve been a bit skeptical of a spate of marketing-related Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) hires over the past couple of years.  Effective communications are certainly an imperative in CSR roles, but I don’t believe that external communications should be the position’s raison d’etre.  Continue reading

The 5 Best CSR and Sustainability Smartphone Apps

Quick post today to share a handful of great apps I’ve recently found.  Then, back to the mountain of homework.

The proliferation of smart phone apps has finally moved into the social sector.  A handful of leaders have deployed apps to efficiently share the information they already offer.  This will be a great tool for transparency going forward.  Apps will offer the public the information they need, at the point of purchase, to make choices that fit with their values.  In the future, voting with your feet may become voting with your phone.  We’ll see…

FYI – The apps listed below are for Android phones, but they’re likely available for iPhones as well.  (Each of the images below is linked back to the app’s Android Market page.)

1. Seafood Watch

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s app is a must have.  It’s highly usable, slick interface makes it easy to make sustainable seafood purchase decisions.  You can search the general database by class (Best Choice, Good AlternativeAvoid or Browse all) as well as options for sushi (Same categories).  It also has an option which allows you to search for local restaurants and seafood shops in which you can see what others have reported while adding your own findings.  If sustainable seafood matters to you (I assure you it should.), you need this app!

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