The Swollen Missouri River (Pic)

I took a break from my evening bike ride to snap this pic of the Missouri River.  Under normal conditions you would see banks on either side of this section.  My favorite park, which is a mile or so up the river from here, has been underwater since April.  Nothing to see here…


Update: (7/11/11)

I just stopped by my favorite park and found it to still be underwater.  It’s starting to look like a lost summer…

(I took the pic below  from the park’s entrance, which goes down a slight incline.  I apologize for the poor quality of the shot, but it was already dusk when I arrived and my Droid’s flash does not hold up well in outdoor conditions.   Back to the pic…  The slight incline is still under about three feet of water and has been impassable every time I’ve visited the site since April.)

Michele Bachmann (Video): “CO2 Is A Natural Byproduct of Nature!”

Why believe 98% of publishing climate scientists, when Captain Cuckoo Bananas has the real scoop on carbon dioxide?

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