Schrödinger’s Gun Cases: Unlocked and Loaded While Locked and Unloaded

Many Americans wish to have a firearm in the home for protection against intruders.   Unfortunately, having a firearm in the home brings a host of risks with it.   This paradox leaves people who wish to increase their safety, potentially decreasing it. For a firearm to be useful for self-defense, it typically needs to be loaded and readily accessible. For a firearm to be safe, it typically needs to be unloaded and locked up.

Due to this, Schrödinger Rifles has come up with a product that unwinds this quandary. They have developed a gun case that uses the latest discoveries in the field of quantum physics to hold the gun in two states. The gun is both locked and unloaded, and unlocked and loaded while in the case. When the case’s handle is pulled, it assesses the situation to determine whether there are any bad guys present, and then places the gun in the state that’s needed. Intruder in the home? Here’s your boomstick. Three year old nephew exploring your nightstand? They’ll never get into this vault!

But wait, there’s more!

Schrödinger Rifles has also developed a deluxe edition which holds the gun in three states, the third being “lost.” Police searching your home for the gun you used to rob a bank? Sorry, but it doesn’t exist when they open the case. How cool is that?!

The cases are now ready for pre-order and will be shipping soon. Click here to order now!

Johnny, Get Your “Guns”

No.  Not those guns.  This “Guns.”

Best-selling author, Stephen King, has waded into the messy discussion on gun violence and control.  He did so with a short, pointed and sometimes tersely written essay which looks to find a reasonable middle ground in the highly polarized debate.  King brings a unique perspective to the discussion, having pulled a book from circulation which may have influenced a couple of high school aged shooters.  He also has a background (similar to mine) of having grown up in a red state, while personally leaning to the left, so he’s able to bring a bit of balance to the discussion.

The book opens with a jarring account of the formulaic response to a shooting. The following pages take a look at both sides of the issue while King peppers it all with his keen insight.  He closes the book with a thorough review of three recommendations which he’d like to see implemented: background checks, limiting clip size, and banning assault weapons.

The standard response will be that these options would encroach on personal freedoms.  I’ll let former Poet Laureate Robert Frost answer that one.

“If society fits you comfortably enough, you call it freedom.

A few of my favorite lines from the essay:

On U.S. politics:

American politics has managed to catch itself in one of those fiendish Chinese finger pullers we used to buy in the dime store when we were kids, and as a result, two muscular and capable hands can do no work.

On the NRA:

The NRA doesn’t come right out and say the victims are also to blame for thinking they could live in America without a gun on their person or in their purse, but the implication is hard to miss.

On cowards:

Superhero movies and comic books teach a lesson that runs directly counter to the culture-of-violence idea: guns are for bad guys too cowardly to fight like men.

The Kindle Single is only a buck.  I implore you to dedicate the hour or so to reading it and to try to do so with an open mind.

Parting Thought

All of the recent talk brought an old song back to mind, or rather a video.  Metallica’s “One” utilizes scenes from the movie “Johnny Got His Gun,” which tells the tale of a soldier who returns from war limbless, faceless, deaf and mute, but with his mind fully intact.  A poignant reminder of the horrors of war and violence in general.

Here’s the Metallica video:

And the full movie for good measure:

The NRA is All In

I daresay this is madness.


To be clear, this is pure and simple diversion.  We cannot allow the NRA to set the terms of the discussion.  If we’re arguing over whether we should place armed guards in our public schools the NRA’s goals are accomplished.  That is not the discussion we should be having.  In other words, do not fall for that banana in the tailpipe!

B Does Not Follow A


A number of sources on Twitter have pointed out this little logical mind bender put forth by the NRA.

A. The populace needs guns to protect themselves from the government.
B. The government needs to put guns in schools to protect kids from the populace.

Am I missing something?

Cognitive dissonance is a term used in modern psychology to describe the feeling of discomfort when simultaneously holding two or more conflictingcognitions: ideas, beliefs, values or emotional reactions. In a state of dissonance, people may sometimes feel “disequilibrium”: frustration, hunger, dread, guilt, anger, embarrassment, anxiety, etc

Source: Wikipedia