Can We Give Them Extra Time?

This should not be happening.  How is it possible that life expectancy is going down for any demographic segment in the U.S.?

Check out this video and then head over to the Designed to Move site to learn more.

Hat tip to Philip Auerswald (@auerswald) for sharing this!

Smoking (Like Climate Change) is Actually Really Bad for You

Image by: Sudipto_Sarkar

I received a request to share this infographic with my dear readers.  I’m sure you’re all aware of the horrors, but I thought it was well done and am all for promoting the cessation and elimination of the practice.

Nursing Your Lungs
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Infographic: Sleep is Awesome!

As one who learned the hard way that work hard, play hard, sleep occasionally catches up to you with a vengeance, I am always up for the opportunity to share info on the perils of sleep deprivation.  And when the opportunity comes in the pret-a-manger format of the beloved infographic, all the better.

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