The Killa From Wasilla?

Photo by: smiteme

That Dog Don’t Hunt|Malia Litman’s Blog

I came across an interesting story this morning that I had to pass along.  I can’t attest to its veracity, but think it bears repeating so that those who can might.  The author’s decision to use the words of Levi Johnston certainly lowered my expectation that it will be proven true.  The passage below is from Malia Litman’s Blog.  Litman, author of  “Rebuttal to the Rogue,” claims to have found evidence that Palin is lying about her hunting exploits.  Either that, or the “Killa From Wasilla” is just hunting out of season and without a license.  Either way, should the claims prove true (I sure hope they do!), it will be time to close the book on the Looney Tunes chapter of American politics.

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