The Miracle of Ethanol?

Post-A-Day: Day 9

I just read an interesting post over on the big picture agriculture blog.  The post, “The U.S. Corn Crop Accounts for 65% of Nitrogen Use by Farmers,” shares data from a recent USDA research report on Nitrogen fertilizer use.

Per the post, corn accounts for, “65 percent of the 8.7 million tons of nitrogen applied by farmers each year.”

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The #PlanetHome Chat Wrap

I stumbled upon a twitter chat featuring Jeffrey Hollender (Twitter id: @JeffHollender) & Alexandra Zissu (Twitter id: @AlexandaZissu) called Planet Home. (Twitter hashtag: #PlanetHome) The chat was apparently in support of Jeffrey & Alexandra’s book of the same name.  I really enjoyed the chat and thought I’d share a few of the highlights.

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