Time to Eliminate Corporate Tax Loopholes? (Infographic)

I’m testing out the wordpress android app w/voice recognition, so it could get interesting today. (It’s pretty amazing that I can lie down in the back of the minivan, and throw together a halfway coherent post, with very little effort.)
Today’s infographic comes via Henk Campher. (Twitter: @AngryAfrican Blog: corporatesocialreality.net) If you’re into csr & sustainability, I’d recommend giving him a follow!

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Do CSR and Sustainability get seats at the Business Ethics table?

Image by: Chris Devers

I caught a great question from @ethicsblogger, Professor Chris McDonald, on Twitter this afternoon and needed a little more than 140 characters to respond.  Chris asked whether insider trading should be considered a csr/sustainability issue.  (I should warn you this is a can of worms I’ve looked forward to opening for a while, so I may get a bit feisty with this one…)  Please read Chris’ question and my response, then join the discussion in the comments section below.

(Professor McDonald wrote an accompanying blog post which I recommend checking out: http://businessethicsblog.com/2011/05/12/rajaratnam-insider-trading-soft-skills-and-slippery-slopes/)

Here’s the post in question:

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My CSR and Sustainability Summer Reading List

It’s that time of year again.  Time to break out the bathing suits, quickly put them back in the drawer, throw on sweats, and head to the pool. Here’s a sampling of what I’m planning to read this summer, assuming my gnat-like attention span is able to stay the course.  I’ll post my reviews as I work through the list.

Below are the titles I’ve short listed with my reasons for selecting them and their Amazon.com reviews. (I wouldn’t want you to just take my word on them as I haven’t even read them yet.)  I hope you find something here worthy of a read.

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