Behold the Warming Planet Crescendo

Ensia, the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment’s (IonE) fairly new online magazine has fast become one of my favorite sources for information and inspiration. The latest post is no disappointment as it shares a song which was written using climate data. Check out the video and realize that the climate is continuing to trend towards the slasher flick range of the musical spectrum. Serious stuff.

The accompanying post is available here.

Fight Climate Zombies with Mindless Responses?

Al Gore has another climate-related project, the Climate Reality Dump Drop.  Taking a page out of the denialist hand book, he is offering up a gamified site with ready-made responses to recent articles.  The obvious question that springs to mind is what good will this bring?  If putting out prepared comments is somehow beneficial (I can’t see how.), why not just automate it with bots?  What good does it do to arm people with a lack of knowledge?  Who will you convince when you can’t support the argument you put forth?

From where I stand, shouting down detractors is what you do when the facts DON’T support your argument.

Am I somehow looking at this wrong, or is Al Gore playing into the hands of his detractors?  Take a look at the site’s video and decide for yourself.


President Obama throws down the climate change gauntlet

Re-sharing a clip from President Obama’s Inaugural Speech via Peter Sinclair’s blog.

Now that the madness of election season is over,  maybe we can finally get down to the business of mitigation and adaptation.  Maybe.