President Obama throws down the climate change gauntlet

Re-sharing a clip from President Obama’s Inaugural Speech via Peter Sinclair’s blog.

Now that the madness of election season is over,  maybe we can finally get down to the business of mitigation and adaptation.  Maybe.

Again With the Horses and Sparrows

“If you feed horses enough oats, it will pass through their digestive systems and their droppings will provide enough leftover oats to feed the sparrows.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

It’s pretty inconceivable (And yes, I think I know what that word means…) to me that we’re still arguing whether Trickle-down works. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a sparrow (like me).

If all that seems a little unsavory, you might enjoy this great new video which drives home the points from one of President Obama’s recent speeches.

President Obama, Superman is on Line 1

Here I Come to Save the Day!

(Damn right that’s an Andy Kauffman reference!)

The Keystone XL pipeline protests roared through Day 4 with Margot Kidder, of Superman fame, leading the way.

I got in one of my better potshots in a while upon hearing of the actress’ participation with the following tweet:

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Send Thanks to the Tar Sands Protesters

I’ve been stewing all weekend.  I’m not able to join my fellow climate hawks in Washington D.C. for this week’s Keystone XL pipeline protests.  I want to help out, but the main thing that’s needed is more people to participate in the ongoing acts of civil disobedience.  Since I can’t be there, I’ve been thinking about what I could do to help out from a distance.  I finally hit on it tonight.  I’m turning tonight’s post into a Thank You card for the protesters.  They are sticking their necks out for the rest of us.  The least we can do is say thanks.  Please join me in thanking the protesters for their bravery, and leadership, on this critical issue.  I’ll then forward this on to those who are there.  (Update: I apparently wasn’t clear with my request.  I’m asking that you share your thoughts for the protesters in the comments section below. Thanks!) Continue reading

This Is What A Hero Looks Like

Image by: tarsandsaction

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