Stratified Beaches, Courtesy of BP?


We dug a hole at the beach today and found stratified layers of black matter between the sand. All of the dark layers were within 6 to 12 inches of the surface and we did not find any  similar discolorations  below that depth. (The hole went down at least 2 and 1/2 feet.) What do you think? Was this part of the gift that keeps on giving from BP’s Macondo Well? If so, what kind of dangers might this residue pose?
Dangers and damages aside, gulf residents still have gorgeous sunsets to enjoy, but at what cost? (Another distributive justice dilemma.)


Naomi Klein’s Thought Bubble

Naomi Klein takes on the Keystone XL pipeline and suggests we should demand better.

The Smart Bubble Society, a not-for-profit motion graphic studio that “promotes social justice, self-education and critical awareness,” created this video.  Check out their work at

Humanity at the 4th Agricultural Crossroads: A Choice of Cleverness or Wisdom

Harvard University Extension School

Humanity at the 4th Agricultural Crossroads:

A Choice of Cleverness or Wisdom

ENVR-120 Environmental Ethics & Land Management

Department of Environmental Management


Chris Oestereich


St. Louis, MO

December, 2011

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The Miracle of Ethanol?

Post-A-Day: Day 9

I just read an interesting post over on the big picture agriculture blog.  The post, “The U.S. Corn Crop Accounts for 65% of Nitrogen Use by Farmers,” shares data from a recent USDA research report on Nitrogen fertilizer use.

Per the post, corn accounts for, “65 percent of the 8.7 million tons of nitrogen applied by farmers each year.”

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