The Climate Hawks are Circling!

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There’s a new bird of prey in town.

Finally, there’s some climate related news to get excited about. Grist’s David Roberts, delivered a couple of posts this week which asked, and attempted to answer, the question, “What should we call people who care about climate change and clean energy?”  The first post, published on Oct. 18, struck a nerve receiving over 200 responses in just a few days.  Roberts sifted through his reader’s responses and followed up two days later with, “Introducing ‘climate hawks.” This post delivered a rallying point for those who are fed up with the current direction of environmental policy.  Along with presenting the new nomenclature, Roberts explained the rough guidelines which he used in making the choice:

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Climate Deniers: What Say You to This?

While the Aral Sea’s disappearing act may not link directly to global climate change, it presents the undeniable facts of the detrimental works of man on a massive regional scale.  It also raises serious questions about ethical appropriation of resources.  The central planners of the former Soviet Union robber Peter to pay Paul by diverting the Aral Sea’s water sources for farming uses, thereby destroying the local ecosystem and the lives of thousands of residents.  Feel free to pile on with the comments if you disagree. Continue reading

Shot Hurd Round the World

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The following update was just posted by @BreakingNews on Twitter:

Update: Former HP CEO Mark Hurd, ousted from company in expenses flap, joins Oracle as co-president – NY Times

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison lambasted HP’s board at the time of HP’s departure via an e-mail to The New York Times, which claimed they had made “the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago.”  Mr. Ellison has now done the unexpected by bringing Hurd on board.  Should it work out, Ellison will appear the genius, but if this goes south, he’ll have some crow to eat.  More importantly, Oracle employees should begin brushing up their resumes and begin prepping for interviews immediately as Hurd was rewarded with  $24M in pay last year while laying off 6,400 HP employees. Source:

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

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We seem overloaded with problems and headed in negative directions on many fronts. (Environment, society, politics, business, poverty, food, health care, animal & human rights, etc.) On top of that, our governments seem neither  inclined to pursue, nor capable of, corrective action.   Continue reading