A Message from Earth (Video)

I’ve nothing to say except that this video from the folks at Farm Aid is about as good of an investment in three and a half minutes as you can make.   Continue reading

Here Be Dragons! (Donald Trump vs. the World)

I’d heard of Donald Trump’s potential presidential bid, but had chalked it up to self-aggrandizement.  I caught part of his interview with Piers Morgan this morning where he fanned the flames of xenophobia, while making it seem that he is seriously considering running.  Here is  a snippet of that discussion: Continue reading

Noam Chomsky on the Death Knell for the Species (Video)

Another lazy effort today?  Well, when a venerated professor like Noam Chomsky is there to do the talking for you, you cede the floor.   Continue reading

A Few More Reasons for Walkable Cities (Infographics, Yay!)

Here’s another vote for walkable cities.  Beyond the obvious health benefits, the following infographic, from the folks at National Building Museum, makes a compelling argument for the positive financial impact, to a local economy, of not buying so many cars.   No, you aren’t likely to pocket all the savings, but they are much more likely to recycle through your community.

Continue reading